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Chart Illustrating the Steps of LASIK Surgery

We offer refractive surgery (PRK / Surface Ablation) to our established patients. PRK / Surface ablation is an ideal procedure for patients who have low levels of near-sightedness or have residual prescription after cataract surgery. We have also partnered with renowned refractive surgeons to offer our patients the option to have LASIK procedures locally and receive their follow-up in our Cherry Hill office.

Patients who wish to be assessed for refractive surgery should make an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam and corneal map evaluation.

We will be delighted to speak with you about your refractive surgery options. If you wear contact lenses, please do not wear your contacts for at least 2 weeks prior to this examination. Also use artificial tears (Optive / Refresh Plus) 2 times a day so that the corneal surface can be properly evaluated.

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